Our Chosen Charities…

Cup of Daisies is a charitable organisation who are looking to raise funds to support our chosen charities, and help them to acieve and sutain their work in helping others to overcome their problems that make life difficult.

We will soon be selling our handmade scarf products to raise money, and give the public an opportunity to own one of these bespoke products that will not only look amazing but give an enormous amount of pride based on the fact that the purchase went some way to helping somebody.

Cup Of Daisies are proud to announce the following charities and hope that with the help of everybody who visits our site or speaks to us in person, that we a re able to sustain a healthy support through donations and sales of our ever growing products that will soon feature on this website.

Your donation to ADRAUK will go towards their work in Rwanda to educating women.

Helping Tenovus with their plight to raise awareness of breast cancer and fundraising to improve their services in communities in Wales.

Shelter Cymru
Cup Of Daisies is striving to support Shelter Cymru with their mission of helping people who are facing homelessness.

Noah’s Ark
Our donations will go towards helping Noah’s Ark support and help the children in Wales.

Helping Merlin to improve the living conditions of women in Africa and Asia, through the mother and child campaign.

Cup of Daisies is very fond of the local charities such as :Tenovus, Noah’s Ark Appeal, ¬†Merlin UK which is now part of Save the Children, ADRA UK and Shelter Cymru. We will support them as much as we can and the core of our work is to promote and get involved within our local community.

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